Welcome to the home of the All-American Karate Cup, The premier host to one of the best tournaments in the country. The All-American Karate Cup is an open competition to all Sport Karate competitors. We specialize in bringing together the best youth and adult forms, sparring and self defense competitors from around the country to compete in their respective divisions for The Karate Cup.

Matted Rings, Gold Silver and Bronze Medals for adult competitors, Cup Trophies for youth divisions and The Karate Cup for the Grand Champions are just some of the differences you will find at the Tournament Of Champions All American Karate Cup. Come experience the difference!

Karate Cups Awarded To All Grand Champions !

Round Robin Sparring Divisions, Guaranteed Multiple Matches!

Under Black Belt Grand Champion Division **

** must compete in minimum of 3 traditional events – Traditional Form, Traditional Weapons and Sparring. Extra points for other divisions




  • Preschool
  • Under Black Belt Traditional Form Creative Form Weapons and Sparring
  • Under Black Belt Musical, Weapons and Creative Weapons FORM
  • Black Belt Sparring
  • Black Belt FORM Creative, Musical Weapon, Musical Empty, Weapon, Traditional Weapon
  • Black Belt FORM Traditional Empty Hand only


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